About Us

About the Event Manager

Abhiyan Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. is always ahead in establishing its identity, being  active, in the Media Sector of Nepal. We inform you that, this company has been establishing its brand, especially, in News-Paper, Online-News, Social-Media and Radio, Television-Program media. These days, this company is working on documentary production, television talk show program, debate reality show production and broadcast, event management, newspapers, magazines and online.

Past Experiences:

  1. We are Multimedia Media Company
  2. We have been evolving in Promotional Educational Activities in all over the Nepal
  3. We have a strong team to perform Educational Activities to change the System through Media, Awareness Event, Seminar, Events, Radio, TV Program… since the day one.


  • Online News
  • Event Management
  • Advertisement
  • e-Paper
  • Radio Programe
  • Digital Marketing

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